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My name is Wendy. I am a single mom of 4 (ages 8, 20, 23, and 26). I am a cat lover and owner of three rescued cats (ages 1, 5 and 11).

Do you have a dream job? I found my niche in Web design. I create websites to sell your products and services. Also, I love creating enhanced photos from pictures I take. The ragdoll cat in the background is one of my favourites that I enhanced.

In July 2016, I completed the Enterprise Web and Mobile Development program at triOS College and an internship with Stiller ADT as a Web Developer. (Sept 2014 - July 2016)

Currently I work from home as a freelance web and graphic designer for my business "Pure Canadian Design". I specialize in creating customized, WordPress e-Commerce websites for small and home-based businesses.

Follow me on my journey in Web and Graphic Design.

~Wendy Parker

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get Online for a Brighter Shine!

Pure Canadian Design's new slogan "Get Online for a Brighter Shine" is catchy but what exactly does it mean? (I could take the time to write a catchy, little jingle to go with it but that can wait for another day.) Let's start by rephrasing the slogan into a question... 

How can YOUR business shine brighter by getting online?

Your business is as small or as big as you make it. You want to keep growing your business and expand your horizons. What are some of the ways to get the word out about your new products or services?

  • Word of mouth
  • Advertise with flyers or postcards
  • Advertise in a newspaper or on the radio

This will reach numerous people in the cities you advertise or maybe a bit beyond. But remember your business shines only to the ones that it can reach. You want your business to shine brighter so more people will hear about it and see how great it really is. Creating a presence online for your business is an innovative way to reach a multitude of people that would possibly never had the opportunity to hear about your business. 

How do I create a presence online for my business?

Most people think about an online presence as just having a website. Every business owner should make the important investment in having a website for their business. 

Social media like Facebook and Twitter play a big role in communication and networking for businesses nowadays too. When you link your website to your social media profile and vice versa you create more flow to your business. It is great to have a website but it is also important to have an appropriate profile and/or page created to represent your business in social media.

Once you get online there are many more ways to help your business to continue to grow and shine even brighter! 

Pure Canadian Design will create your website and help to develop the online presence you desire so your business will shine brighter. Contact me today for your FREE consultation!

~ Wendy

Contact: wendy@purecanadiandesign.com


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